EP waterproofing system

EP™ Waterproofing System permanently waterproofs and preserves concrete, brick, block and all masonry surfaces & structures in one easy application.

EP™ Waterproofing System is manufactured using liquid polymers, creating a liquid nano-waterproofing material.

EP™ Waterproofing System is an excellent waterproofing product for all jobs because it cures, hardens, protects and waterproofs in one application.

EP™ Waterproofing System is non- toxic, non-flammable and non-caustic.

EP™ Waterproofing System doesn’t need to be mixed; it’s easy to use and has no solvents inside* so no bad smells and everything can be washed clean with water.

EP™ Waterproofing System is more effective than any surface sealer or cement based membranes which are easily damaged by sub-trades or poor application methods mean they simply don’t work. It is simple to apply (by back-pack spray) and needs only one application for complete curing, waterproofing and corrosion inhibiting on all masonry.

This revolutionary waterproofing system will stop staining from penetrating the surface, can be painted over (any coating or topping can be applied over EP™) is colourless, odorless and finishes in a natural look with no shine or gloss and is also non slippery.


  • One application only – saving time and money
  • Cures, waterproofs and hardens concrete
  • CANNOT be worn away, peeled off, washed away, torn or broken
  • Does not aerate
  • Can withstand any form of Hydrostatic pressure
  • Is NOT a membrane – EP™ penetrates into concrete
  • Lasts for the lifespan of the material – EP™ is permanent
  • Can be applied to old or new concrete/masonry
  • Has passed over 20 International Tests
  • Easy to Use – No special equipment needed
  • Neutralizes Alkali problems in Concrete
  • No mixing required
  • Stops saponification of paints and coatings from masonry (peeling)
  • Penetrates into concrete – EPWPS it NOT a surface coating
  • Cannot be damaged, torn or broken – unlike membranes or surface coatings.
  • Completely waterproofs all masonry in one application (except aerated blocks of course)
  • EPWPS be painted over with any coating or material i.e. floor coverings, paints, epoxy, P.U membranes
  • Leaves no shine, no gloss and is completely transparent which makes it excellent for facades like face brick, natural stone and most masonry
  • EPWPS is not a silane/siloxane sealer. No liquid glass
  • EPWPS will stop efflorescence by stopping water penetration
  • One product is for all commercial waterproofing – below ground, roof slabs, water tanks, swimming pools, wet areas and car parks
  • EPWPS can be used for repair of leaking bathrooms and wet areas without the need for hacking of the tiles
  • EP™ Waterproofing System fills the void within the cement and the various aggregates and pores, creating a polymer layer inside the concrete – waterproofing to the core.

EP™ Waterproofing System is currently being used on large international projects by some of the world’s leading developers and contractors alike; from India to Australia and across South East Asia. EP™ Waterproofing System delivers on what we promise – 100% leak-free concrete and masonry.

Lok Kawi Army Base – Water & Waste Water Treatment Plant.
Kota Kinabalu Malaysia
EP™ Waterproofing System used on all external
walls before back filling and as a corrosion inhibitor.
Project: Malaysian Armed Forces – – Kota Kinabalu

Sandakan Water-Tank – Sandakan – Malaysia
EP™ Waterproofing System applied to entire floor
slab area of 150,000 litre tank to prevent water vapour penetration
from below ground contaminating water supply.
Project: Jabatan Air Negeri Sabah – Sabah Water

Promenade Hotel– Kota Kinabalu – Malaysia
EP™ Waterproofing System applied to existing
bathrooms and kitchen floors to eliminate water penetration

Asia City Shopping Centre– Kota Kinabalu – Malaysia
EP™ Waterproofing System used on negative side of
brick wall where water was penetrating through cavity and damaging
new paint work

Star City Shopping Complex– Kota Kinabalu – Malaysia
EP™ Waterproofing System specified for all basement walls
and roof top slabs…

over 1.6 million m2 of applied waterproofing projects in Australia, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia

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