Our carpenters are all coming from traditional villages in Java famous for their carpentry heritage during the Majapahit era.

We basically can manufacture custom build in furniture, wall cladding, ceilings etc, but we do not offer design services, we basically work of our clients drawings.

We also can repair, sand and/or re-finish any wood based objects, be it structures, beams, columns, whole wooden houses etc.

As part of our contract with the Bvlgari Hotel & Resort we have been renovating more than 20 of their villas with works not only covering the flooring and decking replacements, but also any kind of wood work imaginable from structural beams to the night stand re-finishing.

In Bisma 8 Hotel we have been contracted besides of all the wooden flooring to work on the reception desk and the bar using reclaimed Ulin, the wooden stair case and the herringbone floor.

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