Decking Installation

For new decking installations we are often asked to make a design as well if the client has not engaged and architect or drafter, we do offer this service free of charge for larger projects above 200 m2, but will charge an upfront fee for projects below 200 m2.

In case the project has an architect and general contractor we mainly start with the installation of the sub-floor, for which we are only recommending reclaimed Ulin and Heveatech joists, except when using WPC composite, as they come with WPC composite joists.

In some cases we have to use galvanized steel as joists if it is an elevated or hanging deck, or we have to add reinforced concrete pillars and posts. It all really depends on each’s projects requirements and this is the reason why we are offering a free site inspection and quotation.

Same as with the flooring installation we use galvanized steel screws to fit them to the concrete.

For the decking installation we have different options, either the conventional installation using stainless steel screws with which each plank is screwed down to the joists embedded into the timber, so afterwards the screw will be covered with a wooden plug, or we use our Tiger Claw Hidden Deck system, which utilizes a USA manufactured stainless steel claw clip and screw. The Tiger Claw system is very attractive, as with this the deck area is easier to maintain, there are no lost wooden plugs, no worries when having to sand down the deck that you might hit a screw, etc. It also reduces the risk of wood rot and splitting of the wood.

After the installation of the decking we sand down the whole area for a smooth and even surface and apply based on clients choice either our BONA Decking Oil or water based coating. For rustic timber decks there is no machine sanding, but we might do some manual sanding if required. The Decking Oil also offers a range of colors like Teak, Mahogany or White, while for the water based coating we have a very wide range of colors. Decking Oil is one of the most popular finishing options especially for reclaimed Ulin and Teak decks and it has to be re=-applied on a 4-6 months basis, it is also the only option to be used on rustic finished timbers. The water based outdoor coating also needs a re-coat every 4-6 months due to the direct sun and weather exposure. Both finishing options can have longer durability if decks are under roof or are generally less exposed.


Decking Renovation

Depending on the condition of your deck it might be that we have to repair only the sub-floor, which might have been penetrated by termites or wood rot, a structural repair due to breakage or other aspects of the structural integrity of your decking area.

Sub-floor repairs can cover concrete, steel and wood works depending on the requirements of the project.

If the decking itself is not affected we normally can carefully remove the planks and repair any cracks, splitting or other damage. If the decking planks are rotten or termites have already penetrated the timber we normally recommend a full replacement, but also depending on client’s decision and budget.

Either re-installing existing timber decking or replacing with new timber deckling we normally sand down the whole area with our BONA machines for smooth and even surface, except when rustic timber surfaces are chosen and client wants to maintain the look and feel of those. In the cases of renovation of rustic floors we endure higher costs as we have to use more carpentry skills on preparing the sub-floor and lay the timber planks out prior to installation to see the uneven areas.


Decking Maintenance

The timber pool deck is often one of the main attractive areas of a hotel, resort or villa, as people just love to spend their day near the pool.

Therefore it is important to keep the decking well maintained, safe and clean.

Often the old finishing of the decking is wearing out and you are not sure what to use next, so in those cases or in cases when you are aiming at applying a new or different type of finishing, it will be best to use the BONA Decking Reviver, as it will get rid of the old finishing.

After that or also generally every six months a Deep Cleaning with the BONA Power Scrubber will remove all the dirt and marks from your deck and provides for a clean and healthy surface area.

The Power Scrubber can also be used on finished decking, as it does not remove the oil or coating, but the dirt, dust, mold and bacteria.

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