How much will it cost to install a new wooden flooring or decking?

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Most of our sustainable solid flooring choices cost between Rp. 450,000/m² and Rp. 950,000/m² depending on the choice of material, and installation method installation costs from Rp. 265,000/m2 if glued to concrete floor and Rp. 400,000/m2 if installed on joists, sanding and finishing starts at Rp. 170,000/m². A moisture barrier is essential for newer houses under [...]

What are the different types of Flooring& Decking? How are they different?

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We do not recommend the following timber species as they are coming directly from the rain forest and are very difficult to control, they are considered non-sustainable timbers Merbau Bengkirai New Ulin/Ironwood Meranti/Balau Kempas We will still assist you with installation, finishing and maintenance, but we are not able to supply you with any of [...]

Do you offer after sales service and maintenance

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We give a 6 month guarantee for all our installations, which includes the finishing. So anything that goes wrong and is covered by our guarantee will be looked at and fixed asap. If you require ongoing maintenance for re-sanding, re-applying finishing or even ongoing specialized cleaning of your wooden flooring and/or decking, we also offer [...]


Hardwood flooring adds beauty and value to any home. EcoSmart brings you sustainable hardwood flooring which does not destroy natural resources and our working methods bring longevity to the flooring & decking projects we work on.

Real cost reduction and extended life-span of your timber flooring are the benefits of working with us.

There are plenty of EcoSmart durable, long wearing sustainable wood products available, why not use them in your next flooring project? You will make the world a little greener and save money also.


Whether you need a replacement deck or a new construction, our team of specialists will make every effort to enhance your property’s value and aesthetics. We offer much more than products, whether it’s reading your blueprint, a personalized quote, custom products & colours, and much faster completion times on every job. These are some of the benefits of working with us. Teamwork, respect and wellbeing are out top priorities when we work on your property. Do not hesitate and tell us about your project today. Call EcoSmart Building right now on +62 (0) 361-752-133 or 081238395496 for your free no-obligation quote.
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