Most of our sustainable solid flooring choices cost between Rp. 450,000/m² and Rp. 950,000/m² depending on the choice of material, and installation method installation costs from Rp. 265,000/m2 if glued to concrete floor and Rp. 400,000/m2 if installed on joists, sanding and finishing starts at Rp. 170,000/m².

A moisture barrier is essential for newer houses under 5 years and is always recommended for all timber flooring. These prices are approximates. Once you have an idea of which flooring choice you prefer, we can use your floor plans to calculate an accurate quote for the desired areas.

Solid decking choices cost between Rp. 800,000/m² and 950,000/m² and installation varies between Rp. 250,000/m2 and 450,000/m2 , sanding and finishing starts at Rp. 170,000/m².